Parents area

Parent Partnership

As part of embedding our ethos that Woodentops Nursery is a home from home, it is very important that you feel as welcome and integrated into the nursery as the children. We hold an open door policy at all times and all you are welcome to drop in.

At Woodentops we are dedicated to providing truly individual care. Detailed profiles are kept on each child, observing, noting and building around their personal and educational daily needs.  This is done throughout their time at Woodentops and is available for you to look at whenever you wish.

We know that there are many milestones both big and small in every child’s life, and we want to make sure that parents or carers do not miss out on these special moments.  Every day you will receive a written “What I did today” card.  We focus on a special moment that day or milestone your child has achieved, for example feeding themselves for the first time or developing new words.  For our youngest babies we also include detailed information on nappies, sleep times, bottle feeds and what they have eaten.

At drop off and collection we take the time to talk to each parent individually and tell you some anecdotes from the day.  At the end of each week we send home a few photos of special moments your child has enjoyed.  We also ask you to take the time to note down any special moments at home that weekend like a trip to the zoo or visit from a family member.  We use all this information to guide our activity planning for the following week.

Throughout the year we have regular parents’ evenings which provide an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s key person and senior members of staff.  They will let you know in detail what your child has been doing, show you work and photos which exemplify this and set out where your child’s learning journey is going to take them next.

We hold regular parents social events throughout the year which give you a chance to meet other parents in your class and chat informally with staff.  These range from drinks evenings to dad’s breakfasts so cater to working parents schedules.  We also have a very active parents committee that participates in nursery life and partners with the parents committee at the White House School for our larger social events like the summer charity ball.


  • At what age do you accept children?

    We welcome babies from 6 months.

  • How does the waiting list work?

    We encourage parents to come for a show round before registering so that you can meet us and learn more about our ethos.  We offer priority to siblings and those families looking for full time places.  If we are able to offer you a place we will write to you and let you know usually around 3 months before your preferred start date.  Once we have made an offer you have two weeks to accept your place and pay the deposit.

  • How much is the deposit?

    We ask for one month’s deposit to guarantee your place.

  • What are your opening hours?

    We are open from 8am-6pm 50 weeks a year.  We are closed for all bank holidays and for ten working days during the year around the Easter break and at Christmas.

  • When are fees payable?

    Fees are payable at the end of the month for the following month.  For example you would pay fees for May at the end of April.  Fees are due for the 50 weeks a year the nursery is open. You do not pay fees for the two weeks the nursery is closed.  You do pay fees for bank holidays.

    Fees are calculated as follows:

    = number of days x 50 weeks / 12

    This means that your fees are the same each month.

What happens if?

  • My child has been unwell in the night?

    If your child has had two loose nappies, has been sick or is running a temperature we ask that you keep your child at home as they will be too poorly to attend.  They may also be showing early symptoms of a contagious illness.  Please phone us in the morning and let us know you will not be coming in.  If you see the GP please let us know what they say.  If your child has a contagious illness e.g. chicken pox please telephone the nursery immediately.  It is usually fine for your child to attend nursery if they are teething or have a cold.

  • My child is unwell at nursery?

    If your child develops a temperature, has three loose nappies or is sick we will telephone you straight away and depending on the time of day will ask you to come and collect them.  We will keep them in a calm environment with a staff member keeping a close eye on them until you arrive.  If they have a temperature and you have given consent we will administer Calpol.  We monitor your child’s temperature every 15 minutes until you arrive.

  • My child has an accident?

    Our staff are trained in paediatric first aid and will give the necessary treatment.  Most accidents are minor cuts or scrapes. We keep a record of the accident and tell you about it at the end of the day.  If the accident is serious we would telephone you straight away and if necessary call for an ambulance.  We would accompany your child to hospital and act in your place until you arrived.

  • We are going on holiday?

    Please let us know if you are going away on holiday or will not be attending your usual sessions.  If we have not heard from you by 10am on a day your child usually attends we will phone you to check whether you are coming in later.  Telling us about your holidays mean we don’t interrupt you while you are away.

  • I have to send someone else at short notice to collect my child?

    We operate a password system and ask that you email or picture message the manager with a photo of the person who will be collecting your child.  They will be asked to provide identification and the password before we will let your child leave with them.  We will never let your child leave with anyone who cannot provide your secret password.

  • My child doesn’t eat their meal?

    We adopt a common sense approach in our nursery and the staff are trained to recognise the difference between a child that is full, being fussy or coming down with something.  If necessary we would offer a savoury alternative to ensure the child does not go hungry.  Our menus offer the children a healthy balanced diet, with occasional treats.  Eating in family groups encourages them to try new foods and to clean their plates.

  • My child doesn’t sleep at nursery?

    As part of our settling in process we find out all about your child’s routine and will support that while they are at nursery.  We understand that you will have worked very hard at home to establish good sleep habits and aim to continue this while they are with us.  Sometimes in the early weeks of being at nursery sleep routines can go ‘off schedule’ as babies can be very excited by their new surroundings and all the activities on offer.  Our dedicated sleep rooms are designed to offer a quiet, dark environment and we ask you to bring a sleeping bag, toy or comforter which makes them feel at home in their cot.